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April Absolute Write Blog Chain

Woot! I made it in time. Just finished writing this. 🙂 I’m participating in the April Absolute Write Blog Chain. There are two parts. Part one is optional: describe one of your characters in 50 words or less. Part two: have that character interview you! Mine is kind of long and hasn’t been proofed… I know, I’m horrible. -_- Anyhoot, here’s my contribution to the April Absolute Write Blog Chain!

Character Description: Cheyenne
Cheyenne is your not-so-average eighteen year old boy who enjoys quiet. Unfortunately, with a motor-mouth father, rock star wannabe sister and chatty food products, silence rarely comes. Cheyenne, battles social awkwardness, the new kid blues, perceived illness, and the inanimate objects that are hell-bent on talking to him.

Interview :

“Hi, Della.” He ducks his head and stares at the tiled floor as I take my seat across from him.

“Hi, Cheyenne.” I give a small wave.


He fumbles with some papers while I occupy myself with yanking loose threads off the bottom of my shirt. I look up to find him staring at me. “Yes?”

“Um, sorry, but could you uh…” He waves at my torso.

I look down expecting to see my zipper undone, but nothing is amiss. “What?”

His cheeks flush red and his gaze shoots back down to the ground. “Could you stop pulling those threads?

I stop mid-pull. “Why? The extra bits of string are annoying.”

His eyes seem to lose focus before zooming in on my fingers. “Yeah, but your disemboweling your shirt. Those are its entrails. Your shirt isn’t very happy.” He winces and his Adam’s apple bobs. “The screams are a bit much.” He ducks his head until it’s almost touching his lap. “And your bra is vowing revenge for the torture of his love,” he mumbles.

I let go of the thread. “Oh.” I smooth out my shirt and give it a nice rub, hoping it’ll forgive me. I’d like to do the same for the bra, but I’m sure a boob rub will give poor Cheyenne a heart attack. “Maybe we should just get on with the interview?”

He clears his throat. “Yeah. Okay.” He shuffles through the papers until he finds what he’s looking for. “Is Della Odell your real name?”

“Nope. Well, at least not entirely.”

He writes something on the paper. “Favorite color?”

“I don’t really have one. I like black—”

“Isn’t a color,” he says.

I shake my head. “…blue, red and silver.”

“Are you working on any other novels?”

“I have seven brewing in my head, three of which I’m semi-actively writing. If I could finish one I’d be happy, but my brain doesn’t work that way.”

He snorts and turns his head to the side.

I quirk a brow and stare him down. “My bra have something else to say?”

He glances at me then averts his eyes. “No. But your hair tie did. She said your brain doesn’t work at all.” His lips twitch. “She also asked if I could take her somewhere else because she can’t stand living in that rat’s nest any longer.”

“And that’s funny?” I square my shoulders and mock glare.

“Um, yes?” He massages his left earlobe.

I purse my lips and move to get out of my chair.

“I mean, no!” His arms flail about. “I mean, I was just…” he trails off looking lost.

I laugh and remove the hair tie. “I’m just kidding. Lighten up buddy!”

“I can’t help it. You made me this way.” His shoulders relax, but his mouth is set in a frown.

“True. True.” I stretch the hair band out as far as it can go. My fingers hurt, but it’s worth it. Take that you overpriced rubber band! I yank it a few more time for good measure.

Cheyenne’s eyes close and the pink hue that covered his face is now white. “Please.” His voice is hoarse. “Don’t do that again.”

Oops. I forgot that quick. I want to ask what happened, but judging from the look on his face, it’s probably best I don’t. I clear my throat. “Next question then?”

I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear me. His feet tap against the floor. He groans, looks at the ground then shakes his head and stills his feet. The paper in his hand crumples under his clenching fist and the veins in his neck look as if they’re trying to break through his skin. He throws the paper to the floor and vaults the pen across the room. “Shut up! Everyone just shut the hell up!” He lowers his head between his knees and the only sound throughout the room is his heavy breathing.

I want to offer some kind of comfort, but I doubt he’ll appreciate it, considering.

Minutes pass. When he finally lifts his head, there’s color to his cheeks and his eyes no longer look panicked. He gets up, retrieves the pen and paper and sits back down. “Sorry. Everyone, no, everything was talking at the same time. I couldn’t concentrate. I just want to finish this interview.” He runs a hand through his hair.

“No problem.” I give what I hope is an encouraging smile. “I understand.”

“Well I don’t. What the hell were you smoking when you thought me up? Talking inanimate objects? Is this how you get your jollies? Torturing people?” He blinks then jerks back as if he’s been zapped by lightening. “Wasn’t supposed to say that,” he mumbles as he irons out the paper. “I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. It’s just…of all the problems I could’ve had, why this? It’s not very helpful and mostly annoying. Couldn’t I have had super speed, x-ray vision or super strength?”

“But where’s the fun in that? I wanted you to be unique, your own individual. I think I’ve succeeded.” I fold my arms and nod my head.

“There’s a fine line between unique and freak. I’ve crossed it.”

“Come now. You only say that because we’re in chapter two. In the end, it’ll be a boon. You’ll meet awesome people, gain some great friends and help those in need. It won’t suck forever. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

He straightens a little and sends me a smile I can tell is forced.

“I know it doesn’t help now, but I’m sure I’ll be in your good graces soon enough.” I shift in my chair and hear a snap. Something tickles my back and my chest feels light and like it’s moving. Cheyenne jumps up from his chair and runs out the room. I use the privacy to fix my little problem. I guess that’s how bras get revenge.

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22 thoughts on “April Absolute Write Blog Chain

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  2. Another fine give and take! I am sensing a pattern of creator/created angst in many of these entries that’s really surprising and fascinating.

    And speaking of inanimate objects speaking, did you ever see “Wonderfalls” when it was on Fox?

  3. This was delightful, Della! Very fun and you’ve nailed a great demeanor for Cheyenne. Make sure you finish this one pronto or the villagers with pitchforks will come chanting and clapping to your door to make you!

    • *Ducks behind a tree to escape the villagers* Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      I’m trying to pick up the pace on my writing again. I used to be able to spit out chapter in two days. This was a fun exercise that may have gotten me back into the swing of things. 🙂

  4. ““There’s a fine line between unique and freak. I’ve crossed it.”” <— very nice line. Great interview! I'm totally intrigued by your premise here. 🙂 Get writing!

  5. What an interesting character! 😀 Loved it 🙂

  6. Yep, it seems a lot of our characters believe we created them just too torture them. I think they might have a point.

    Nice job, Della!

  7. You know, I now wonder if any of my own wardrobe malfunctions have really been my clothing taking revenge? I shall have to use the gentle cycle more often, I think. What a fun character interview.

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  12. WOW! What a cool character!! You handled Cheyenne’s awkwardness and obvious discomfort superbly!

    I love this character! When can I read his whole story??

  13. “And your bra is vowing revenge for the torture of his love,” – LOL.
    I was laughing in the beginning, and then got more sombre as I realised the extent of Cheyenne’s troubles. Wow. Impressive characterisation!

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