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Teaser Tuesday = Semi-success?

So, I planned on making today Teaser Tuesday and providing a teaser from one of my novels. I wanted to write a new scene, but seeing as how I started at 11:25, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. I’ll give it a go though. If all else fails, I’ll use an already completed scene. I will not fail you Teaser Tuesday!

Update: So…It didn’t happen. Instead here is a teaser from Panmnesia:

The globular mounds bounce, jiggling in every direction. The scent of cherry and alcohol invade his nose as he’s pushed against a wall. The paintings on the walls rattle to the bass of the music while candles and pictures are knocked from tables and bookshelves by thrashing arms and gyrating bodies. Fog machines run throughout the basement, clouding it to the point where it’s impossible to make out a face from across the room.

The cherry scented girl brings a red cup to her lips, takes a few good swallows of a vile-smelling concoction and tugs the jewelry around Ciarán’s neck with her other hand. That punch is definitely spiked. Ciarán looks down her glassy green eyes and can’t help but let his gaze trail lower. A laugh threatens to escape his mouth.

Seduction for Dummies 101: Rubbing up against a guy with a potato wedge lodged between your breasts isn’t the personification of sexy. It’s a freaking potato wedge. How can she not feel that?

“Honey.” She hiccups. “I don’t know what drugs you’ve been taking, but you got a rotten batch.” He can barely understand her slurred words. She moves closer, lips brushing over his. “Better yet, you should quit.” She tries to tap his nose with her pointer finger, but misses and pokes him in the eye. “Drugs are ba-a-a-a-a-a-d.” She giggles and lays her head against his chest. “I sound like a sheep. Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-d.”

Oh, for the love of…she better not puke on me. He’d had the impression the party would be at a club, but it ended up being at someone’s house. He’d actually been having some fun up until this point. He’d danced with Sophia, watched the drunken antics of people in the crowd, and most of all, was memory-free.

He squints his eyes and scans the room. Blobs that he assumes are teenagers lounge everywhere. The stairs, the floor, counters, tables, you name it.

The girl hiccups and bangs her head against his breastbone.

She’s been hanging around him for an hour now, completely plastered. He tried to enlist Sophia’s help, but she just shrugged and went about her way. He almost ditched her a few times, but after observing some of the shady characters floating around the house, the gentleman in him opted to stick with her.

“Julie.” A short blonde squeezes between the undulating bodies and grabs hold of Mystery Girl. Julie, huh?

“Come on girl, you’re wasted. I’m taking you home.” She tugs on Julies shoulders.

“No,” Julies cries, one hand gripping her cup and the other Ciarán’s arm. “I’m busy.” She snickers. “My prince charming awaits.”

The blonde gives Ciarán a dubious look. “Right.”

I think I should be offended.

She shakes her head. “Well, I’m sure prince charming will like you a lot better if you come with me and freshen up.”

Julie’s eyes widen and she pushes herself off Ciarán’s chest. “You’re a genius, Becca!” She wobbles down the hall with the help of her friend. “I’ll be back,” she yells, arm stretched out like a forlorn lover.

Ciarán nods. The moment they disappear into the fog, he runs the other direction.


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