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Vanity, thy name is self-esteem…or is it blue eyes?

Turn brown eyes blue:

Apparently, via a new laser treatment brown eyes can permanently be changed blue in two to three weeks with a twenty second procedure.

Aside from the possible ramifications on ones sight (they claim there are none, but give it ten, maybe even twenty years and then I’ll believe it). How do you feel about this? Good, bad, indifferent?

Some argue that people should be happy with who they are and leave it at that. But is there really any harm in wanting to change something about oneself? I’m not talking about people who get cosmetic surgery for deformities or medical reason. Nor am I referring to something as big as wanting to change your race (that’s a deeper issue). Just your eye color, the length or girth of your nose, the cheekbones you always wanted…

Is it taboo? Or rather, should it be taboo?

We all know of some celebrities that are addicted to plastic surgery. Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Heidi Montag, Lil Kim, etc—though it’s obvious there’s something much deeper going on than simply not liking ones looks. Should people stop before they get ahead or be able to indulge themselves a little?

My take on it?

The danger lies in going overboard. Thus, moderation is key. If someone wants to get a nose job, I say let them. Of course, if the procedure is number one on a list of twenty and or their face looks like abstract rendition of their former self, that may not be in their best interest. Basically, it comes down to the individual. Some people will never be happy with how they look and will head into a downward spiral. Others may have one thing that makes them insecure and when it’s ‘fixed,’ they feel better about themselves. Is there really harm in the later—granted they don’t go overboard?

Whether the end result is a Picasso or a Botticelli, multiple surgeries is too much. It’s not even about the results being less than stellar. It doesn’t matter if others can clearly tell how many procedures you’ve been through or it looks natural, there is more to worry over. Too many people base their dislike of extensive plastic surgery on the results rather then the root problem.

I myself have no plans on getting any type of cosmetic surgery. Sure I look in the mirror and think one thing or the other can be improved, but it’s not a necessary and I’m quite content with my Plain Jane, average looks. But who knows? When I’m sixty, sagging and sporting triple chins I may change my mind.


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