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Six Sentence Sunday: Flora

This week I’m giving a little peek at my novel Flora.  This little tidbit is about strange gal I like to call Old Lady Fletcher.

As I walk across the park her eyes follow my every move, customary smirk in place. When you can violate someone’s personal space without even being near them, you’ve got issues—or skills.

I actually used to smile and say hi to her. But that was before she started the rumor that dad ran away from the accident so his connection as a mafia hitman wouldn’t be discovered.

As the founder, president, and one of two members—if you count her cat—of the Neighborhood UFO association, it’s known that pretty much everything she says has no merit, basis, or credibility. Yet, the entire town was hooked on her mob spiel for months.

Not the most exciting excerpt from the Novel, but all the good ones gave some major surprises away.  Anyhoot, I’m looking forward to reading the other entries!



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