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Dear the entire world, stop posting spoilers

Dear the entire world,

Stop posting spoilers.

Muggle fuc*ing troll shit (if you get the reference I ❤ you).

Why?  Just, why?  I’m sorry if I’m behind and haven’t seen or read all or even any of books and shows like: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, etc…

But let’s forget that I’m far behind for the moment.  Why would you spoil something that just finished airing 10 freaking minutes ago?  It’s annoying and unnecessary.  When the only time you update your Facebook status it to spoil a show for the 200 people on your friends list (and only 6 of them are actually friends), you, my not-so-friend, are an asshole.  I don’t watch TV much, honestly.  So when a show catches my interest, I’d rather not have it spoiled by someone who couldn’t take two extra seconds to write: Warning Spoilers Ahead!

Completely ruined the show for me.  And if not the show, at least the first season because now I know what’s going to happen. Pardon me while I go fume in the corner.

So, to all you spoilers out there.  Stop that shit.

Thank you,
Not-so-friendly but not-as-mean-as-it-could’ve-been rant from a pissed of wannabe writer.


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