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Dear the entire world, stop posting spoilers

Dear the entire world,

Stop posting spoilers.

Muggle fuc*ing troll shit (if you get the reference I ❤ you).

Why?  Just, why?  I’m sorry if I’m behind and haven’t seen or read all or even any of books and shows like: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, etc…

But let’s forget that I’m far behind for the moment.  Why would you spoil something that just finished airing 10 freaking minutes ago?  It’s annoying and unnecessary.  When the only time you update your Facebook status it to spoil a show for the 200 people on your friends list (and only 6 of them are actually friends), you, my not-so-friend, are an asshole.  I don’t watch TV much, honestly.  So when a show catches my interest, I’d rather not have it spoiled by someone who couldn’t take two extra seconds to write: Warning Spoilers Ahead!

Completely ruined the show for me.  And if not the show, at least the first season because now I know what’s going to happen. Pardon me while I go fume in the corner.

So, to all you spoilers out there.  Stop that shit.

Thank you,
Not-so-friendly but not-as-mean-as-it-could’ve-been rant from a pissed of wannabe writer.


Six Sentence Sunday: Flora

This week I’m giving a little peek at my novel Flora.  This little tidbit is about strange gal I like to call Old Lady Fletcher.

As I walk across the park her eyes follow my every move, customary smirk in place. When you can violate someone’s personal space without even being near them, you’ve got issues—or skills.

I actually used to smile and say hi to her. But that was before she started the rumor that dad ran away from the accident so his connection as a mafia hitman wouldn’t be discovered.

As the founder, president, and one of two members—if you count her cat—of the Neighborhood UFO association, it’s known that pretty much everything she says has no merit, basis, or credibility. Yet, the entire town was hooked on her mob spiel for months.

Not the most exciting excerpt from the Novel, but all the good ones gave some major surprises away.  Anyhoot, I’m looking forward to reading the other entries!


I’ve emerged from my cave.

Life has been crazy, but I’m still here.  Work has pretty much taken over my life so I’ve had zero time for any writing, but things are settling down some, so who knows?  I had a contest slated up for this month, but it looks like I’ll have to postpone it.  😦  Maybe even until Christmas.  Meh!  Well, on the bright side, that gives me time to make the prize(s) and content of the contest even better!

I’m aiming for at least one blog post a week.  I have the time now, so I have no excuse for not doing it.  I’d love to do book reviews, but that requires something I’m lacking at the moment.  Time.  In any event, I did manage to flesh out an outline for another chapter of Flora.  I also came up with another novel plot, but was able to restrain myself and not start writing it.  We’ll see how long I can last >.<

That all for now, my lovelies.

I wrote 16,590 words…but not one of them was for my novel.

Pretty much.

I’ve recently begun working as a transcriptionist.  I listen to audio files or watch videos and transcribe what’s being said.  It’s great in that I can work from home and make my own schedule.  The down side is it has completely taken any desire I have to write or type and smashed it to smithereens.

After the last file I transcribed, my finger are aching.  It’s a lot harder than I thought, but it pays the bills.  Despite the initial pain, I do enjoy it.

I just wanted to let everyone know I’m alive.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks I’ll get used to all the typing and will get around to writing for myself.

On another note.  I plan on holding a contest in the near future.  Be on the lookout!

Getting back into the swing of things

She lives!!!

Well, I am back from my unannounced break. I was training for a job and now that I’ve passed certification, I can breathe! I’m getting back into the swing of things and hope to be active in my blog posts once again.

It’s been so long since I’ve written, I had to reread about 23k of my manuscript to see where I left off. How sad.

I did some minor changes and am now proceeding with another chapter. After such a long gap, there’s a plethora of ideas and scenes floating around in my head. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them out quickly. 🙂

Bang Bang (he shot me down)

Just a little something for your edification.  :p

There are many different versions of this song. I’m not sure I have a favorite. They all have a different feel. Cher’s version used to be my favorite, but last night I found myself leaning toward Nancy’s version. Then, I found Sheila’s version and now I may like that one more.

No matter what, each lady does a lovely rendition.


Nancy Sinatra 

Sheila (French) 

Ania Dąbrowska 

Multicultural Music Monday

I dub today, Multicultural Music Monday.

Who amongst you loves international music?

I know I can’t get enough of it. In fact, if one were to search my iPod—or more accurately my iTunes library since my iPod is out of commission—they would find that 80% of it is foreign music.

Here are some samples of songs on my playlist. If you have Window Media Player Plug-in you can listen to the songs in your browser.

Important tidbit: Always search for a translation of the song in English! The last thing you want to find out is that the song you’ve been singing along to was used for Nazi propaganda or encourages an action or way of thought that is not parallel with your own.

I’m always looking for something new! Have any recommendations?

Six Sentence Sunday: Frayed

This is my first time participating in Six Sentence Sunday. I had so much fun picking which work I wanted to use and even more fun narrowing it down to six sentences.

I finally decided on a snippet from a new (yes another one!) novel I’ve been working on tentatively titled, Frayed. It’s about a girl named Freya who leads a fairly normal life until her estranged grandmother, Elli, tells her she’s to be sacrificed for the good of humanity.

This scene is taken from Freya’s birthday party. It’s a little rough, but enjoy!

The front door swung open as if it were an old saloon door, hitting the wall so hard, the knob became embedded in the drywall.

An old woman stood at the entrance, hunched over and dressed in what looked like an old burlap sack that barely covered her unmentionables.

Her white hair was in a matted bun hanging precariously off the side of her head and as the breeze eased its way past her and into the house, noses crinkled, assaulted by a smell more putrid than rotten potatoes.

Eyes closed, head moving to and fro, she scented the air like a hound sniffing out a rabbit. Nostrils inflated, she leaned forward then jerked her head to the side. Eyelids lifted and irides murkier than a rain cloud met my own.

It’s always a fun day at Freya’s house!

Want in on the fun? Join Six Sentence Sunday!

Word-Wide Web Wednesday

Oh the joys of the World-Wide Web. Where you can research aglets, make fun of old class photos, learn how to build a bomb from a site that protest how easy it is for people to learn how to build bombs online, and come across awesome sites such as these.


Scribophile & Absoulte Write – Need help with your writing? You should definitely check these two sites out. You can critique others, have you work critiqued, participate in the forums, enter contest and most of all connect with other aspiring and successful writers!

Write or Die – I think the name says it all. This is a nice little tool that can motivate you to reach your word count goal, but don’t take too long to write or you may find the word disappearing before your eyes!

Goodreads – Looking for something good to read? Look no further. You can find your new favorite book or recommend that great horror novel you just finished. It’s also a great way to get the news out about your new novel, short, etc…


Livemocha – A delightful site that offers online learning courses. I find the method somewhat similar to Rosetta Stone. As you learn new languages you can connect with others, have your lessons reviewed by native speakers and teach others your native tongue. Best of all, it’s free.

eCrater –  Want an alternative to eBay? Try eCrater, it’s free. Whether you want to create your own store or shop around there’s plenty to look at! The only downside—if you want to call it that—is that the site does not support auctions. It’s fixed price only.

Spry Fox – A game company I only recently discovered. I haven’t had time to explore all their games, but I’m loving Triple Town and Panda Poet. And just so no one can curse me later, I forewarn you, these games can be addicting.

The dangers of playing scrabble with Granny.

It’s a well known fact in my family that no one should play scrabble with my grandma. It can prove hazardous to ones psyche.

The dangers of playing scrabble with grandma:

  • She loves to be the score keeper and has the tendency to ‘miss’ the bright red triple word score under your word.
  • She changes the rules when it’s her turn.
  • She invents her own words.
  • She makes words like this:

As she placed the letters, she said, "I shouldn't do this” and smirked. Bad Granny, bad!

  • She has the uncanny ability to give you crap letters.

The result of Granny's psychic powers.

  • She can and will play you for hours.

Picture taken at 12:48 a.m.

  • She will never let you win.

I was actually an innocent bystander in all of this. She was playing against my sister and somehow the miracle of all miracles happened. My sister beat her! An affront granny will not let alone for long. I foresee another late night scrabble session in the coming days.

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