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Six Sentence Sunday: Frayed

This is my first time participating in Six Sentence Sunday. I had so much fun picking which work I wanted to use and even more fun narrowing it down to six sentences.

I finally decided on a snippet from a new (yes another one!) novel I’ve been working on tentatively titled, Frayed. It’s about a girl named Freya who leads a fairly normal life until her estranged grandmother, Elli, tells her she’s to be sacrificed for the good of humanity.

This scene is taken from Freya’s birthday party. It’s a little rough, but enjoy!

The front door swung open as if it were an old saloon door, hitting the wall so hard, the knob became embedded in the drywall.

An old woman stood at the entrance, hunched over and dressed in what looked like an old burlap sack that barely covered her unmentionables.

Her white hair was in a matted bun hanging precariously off the side of her head and as the breeze eased its way past her and into the house, noses crinkled, assaulted by a smell more putrid than rotten potatoes.

Eyes closed, head moving to and fro, she scented the air like a hound sniffing out a rabbit. Nostrils inflated, she leaned forward then jerked her head to the side. Eyelids lifted and irides murkier than a rain cloud met my own.

It’s always a fun day at Freya’s house!

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